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Tattoo Care

Day 1:

  • Remove the bandage on the tattoo 2 hours after the session

  • Wash the tattoo with warm water, a mild antibacterial soap and your hand(s). Do not use any abrasives. Pat the tattoo dry and leave it alone. 

  • Do not replace the bandage. 


Day 2: 

  • Rewash the tattoo with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Pat dry. 

  • Apply a non-scented lotion to the tattoo. (Do this 2 to 3 times per day for 2 weeks.) 

Day 3: 

  • The tattoo will begin to peel. Do not pick it off or peel it yourself. Let it come off on its own. 

  • Do not use ointment of any kind, including neosporin, bacitracin and aquaphor. Ointments are designed to remove foreign objects and the ink will drain, which will cause your tattoo to scab. This will delay healing time and loss of pigment. 

Remember to wash the area daily with antibacterial, mild soap and apply a non-scented lotion 2 to 3 times daily for 2 weeks.




Contact us with any questions you may have, or to book with us. 

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